Welcome to the Coffee Shop Table!

Hand drawn sketch on napkin depicting a table in a coffee shop Drawing inspired by Black Hand Coffee in Richmond, VA

You’ll often find me here, hunkered down typing away at some odd thing in the morning hours. As you walk up, you’ll notice a few things. I’ll usually have something to drink, typically coffee, and sometimes a snack too. I’ll have my laptop out, as well as some other [[ devices ]], a [[ notebook ]] or two that’s relevant to the topic at hand, and my trusty [[ legal pad ]] to scratch notes on. You’ll also notice that there are a number of [[ napkins ]] strewn around the table, with a variety of diagrams and drawings on them.

The Coffee Shop Table is my public in-between space, a place where I can aggregate knowledge about a variety of topics. This site is currently a work in progress, as I work on developing the site’s structure and refining it’s design

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